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jessica ramm

Jessica Ramm


Jessica Ramm was born just outside the market town of Kirriemuir in Angus.  She describes her childhood as “growing up in a house stuffed full of strange and interesting objects”.  Always encouraged to draw and make things, she ultimately found herself at Duncan & Jordanstone College of Art.  Jessica graduated in 2009 with a first class honours in kinetic installation.


Principally a sculptress, she cites as a significant influence Jean Tinguely, a Swiss born painter and sculptor (1925-1991).  His sculptural machines and kinetic art came to be known as “metamechanics”.  The influence is clear.


Bank Street Gallery is delighted to host Jessica’s first solo exhibition..  Since graduating she has spent time in Italy working with the Venice Biennale and then in Florence researching the Renaissance.


Ramm is undoubtedly a prospect for the future.  Her paintings and drawings are technically fastidious.  They nonetheless retain a spontaneity which creates an immensurable emotionality.  She describes as her modus operandi as a multi sensory observation – “often I look with my nose, my ears or by touching:  not just with my eyes”.  This produces a noticeably pensive approach in her work.


For one so young (she is twenty-three) the content and composition of her work is surprisingly “long-lived”.  Much of this exhibition has been rooted in Greek mythology but her pieces reflect well on the currency of these ancient messages in the modern world.  This series of images works as a collection of snap shots which condenses human nature into readable diagrams.


The interactive installation “Accusation Machine” is a must see!


The show runs from Saturday 2nd October, 2010 to Friday 12th November, 2010.  The Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 1pm-4pm