Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
jenny blair


Creativity runs in Jenny Blair’s blood. In a previous career she was a midwife – surely the coalface of quintessential creation. Genealogically, she is from the same gene pool as Bon Scott – perhaps Kirriemuir’s loudest creative force! Like her forebears in that family (not just Ronnie Scott), she has drive to create. Her passion led her this year to forsake ‘employment’ (something of a misnomer for any mother) and strive to survive on her creativity alone. 

Her style is definitely experimental but rooted in folky arts and crafts. To that extent there’s a hint of her second cousin’s influence in the merging AC/DC of the 1970s. There the comparison ends. Blair affects a gentler impact on her audience. Her technical skills are quiet – their magnitude only revealing themselves on closer examination. She seems to whisper her message and you only notice the full orchestra playing, singing the image’s story in glorious technicolour, when you give yourself time to stop – and really look. She can do ‘dark’ - try ‘seeing is believing’or ‘pip’ (how did he lose an eye?) - but she does it so gently, dreamily, you hardly notice! 

another fairly typical trait of many a Kirriemarian! 


jenny blair’s show runs from friday 4th may 2013 to friday 14th june 2013