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Joanna Craig
joanna craig

A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and regular RSA exhibitor, Joanna Craig bagged first class honours in sculpture in 2005 and then took off with a Masters in Fine Arts only two  years later.


She and her husband, Duncan McGregor who is also an artist, travelled – New Zealand, Samoa, USA . . . ..  Returning to Scotland, the couple lived on the island of Raasay off the east coast of the Isle of Skye.  The experience was phenomenal when one considers that they lived in the island’s former church, located at the end of the now famous “Calumn’s Road”.  The church is worth visiting still – it remains without renovation or the introduction of modern services.  The absence of running water and electricity has much informed Jo’s creativity.


Many of us will share her feelings of fascination for our Scottish ancestors - with only time separating us.  This, Jo considers, is a driving force behind the recent development of her work.


Jo’s solo show is particularly special for the Gallery. On the basis of that fascination, she has been driven to ‘feel’ Kirriemuir.  In this festival year celebrating 150 years since J M Barrie’s birth, Jo visited the local museum and was captivated by the story of the Kirriemuir emigrants to Hawaii.  Researching these tales, she was reminded of the heat and adventure which met Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa.  Her bookish reflections brought her back to J M Barrie, his enterprising travels into literature and full circle to the innovative and adventuresome efforts of Kirrie’s forefathers who, unknowingly, set off for new life in Hawaii.  This exhibition is a product of those reflections.