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Ann Smith

Albert Einstein described time as an illusion.  The labours of Ann Smith are perhaps the perfect example of that challenging concept.  She grew up on farm lands around Coupar Angus and drank in the changing colours as she helped with whatever the season demanded.  From an early age, if she was not outdoors, her quiet time was spent drawing and painting.  Like now, she was always busy.

A graduate of Heriot-Watt, Galashiels (BSc in Clothing Studies, with Distinction), the influence of the natural world has remained visible in Smith’s career.  Having clocked hours in bespoke bridalwear and clothing design, she has for the last thirteen years worked in garment technology and is based in Dumfriesshire.  But the maternal ties of Mother Nature still tug.  After the birth of her young daughter, Ann found herself returning to her childhood pastime, enjoying the quietude of drawing and painting and now experimenting anew with oils.  More recently her land and seascapes are explored in merino felt.  Life and work have come full circle, Smith’s academic interest in textiles joining her artistic, al fresco passions.

Ann Smith is enthusiastic in her world – some may say obsessive.  She strives to excel at whatever she tackles which must inevitably create tension.  Ann uses hers productively - in her art.  She observes, “Painting has the ability to pull you in.  It absorbs your every thought.  Time has no place: it just quietly passes you by.” As she stills the relentless march of her time in creativity, we too can feel the illusion, losing ourselves in her hypnotic horizons – where time stands still.


Ann Smith’s show runs from Saturday 16th November 2013 to Sunday 29th December 2013