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scott clark

Scott Clark has worked and painted his way around the world.  He thinks big; always ready to climb the mountain.  Perhaps this is because of his Angus roots: the wide vistas he enjoyed as a boy from the mouth of the Tay Estuary or the tops of Dreish and Mayar.  Despite his global travel, he certainly feels his roots.  Now based in Nottinghamshire, not many artists make eight hundred mile round-trips to swim through the icy waters of a small Angus loch investigating the remains of a loch fort, details of which have been found “on the internet”; their father’s vintage snorkel and flippers in tow.  Evidently Clark thinks big across time too.

Bank Street Gallery is delighted to be hosting Clark’s first one man show.  Trained in Nottingham and Florence, this exhibition of watercolours smacks of Scotland.

You have to be quick with water colour,” he says, “and that suits me.  Yes I can labour at an image like everyone else but there is always so much going on around me, life seems to catch me and pull me off in another direction.”

Makand Mentioun is a particular group of work within the exhibition, inspired by a chance find in the attic of his new home. 

The plumber found it.  It’s an Extract Decree from a predecessor of the Court of Session and it dates to 1636.  I had to teach myself how to interpret Secretary Hand in order to work out what the document was saying.   I’ve indentified the Lords sitting in judgment and the names of the parties to the action.  It’s been inspiring and I am not finished with it yet!”

Clark’s work is collected here and abroad.  His solid technique in the medium produces a coquettish flair, matched in the characterisation of his subjects – regardless of species!


Bank Street Gallery is delighted to be hosting this exhibition which runs until 19st June 2015.