Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
jonathan mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell needs no introduction – especially at Bank Street Gallery.  He is breaking new ground in being the first artist to enjoy a second one man show at this venue.  The difference now is that he is a man setting out - just - on his sixth decade!  So soon has this young talent, whose work has always held sway in the market, matured.  Like a fine wine, his work, too, has settled.  Internationally collected and commissioned, his style remains his signature.

The proficient technique remains his trademark. This show comprises landscapes from all seasons, with one or two, telling, alternative subjects. From the outset, his ability to capture Scottish light has caught the eye of the critic.  Now, the artist seems more comfortable in his style.  His work has always carried a painterly realism but age has afforded a certain settled ease.  Mitchell’s paintings have never been overworked; his formidable technique has never allowed his labour to be revealed.  However, maturity seems to have brought a grounding.  His landscapes have become timeless.  He no longer works in the vein of old Scottish masters, he has become one.  His skies, lands and horizons, so comfortably redolent of the scenes they represent, enjoy a popularity amongst art and glen lovers alike.

But Mitchell’s studio reveals more.  This show hints at a more extensive portfolio.  A pair of boat studies reveals not only a different subject but also, for Mitchell, a different perspective.  And CafeĢ Salma is representative of his observations on our twilight world.  Portraiture, too, has become a curiosity.

To that end, you are invited to a workshop where, with Jonathan Mitchell’s guidance, you can mastermind your own makeover!


show runs from 14th august 2015 to 25th september 2015

mak yer ain mask 19th september 2015