Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
a collection of original life drawings

Helen Whamond has run life drawing classes around Angus for several years. Her background, in art tutoring, has produced in her a still patience, well suited to leading students on a journey of expression, finding their feet and developing their confidence in the art of life drawing.


Our biggest impediment to acquiring or developing any new skill is often our own mindset. Classes make use of liberating techniques. These encourage students as the product of these exercises often surprises even themselves.


In this exhibition you can see single line drawings (where the student is prohibited from lifting pencil from the paper before finishing the image), non dominant hand drawing (where the right handed student uses the left hand and vice versa), blindfold drawing, (drawing with closed eyes) and reverse drawing (drawing the shapes of areas around the composition which do not make up the focus of attention, for example in drawing a tree, drawing the gaps between branches and leaves rather than actually drawing the branches and trees).


There are many more techniques – come in and see if you can identify more.


this exhibition runs from 25th january 2013 to 8th march 2013