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maggie ferrie

maggie t ferrie

Maggie T Ferrie is a Dundonian born and bred. For many around Tayside, however, she is better known as a singer and songwriter, performing with The Swizzle Sisters. One of nine siblings, her story is not unusual: she escaped the bedlam of a large family as a teenager, to pursue a music career in London. She left behind in Dundee however, a legacy of art prizes at Lawside Academy.

Like many a prodigal from Lochee, the Big Smoke of the capital began to lose its magnetism. Ferrie ultimately returned to Dundee to undertake an English literature degree. It was here that she was to meet her husband. Although she continued with her songwriting and performing throughout, the birth of her son ultimately brought her back to the creativity of her youth. As Sam progressed through primary school, Maggie found herself once again putting paint to paper.


Technically assured, this exhibition reveals Ferrie's fascination with light. She is clearly influenced by the Old Masters in composition but her style hints of her love of the Impressionists, Scottish Colourists and, at times, even older continental artists.

Maggie is a one of life's intuitive angels. Her passion for the world around her is reflected in the spontaneity of her work. Her own light shines from her paintings and yet she loses nothing in the proficiency of her composition. An intensely enthusiastic individual, full of infectious energy for her fellow man, her show allows us a little window into her contemplative soul. Her work will ignite emotion but leave you with a warming and welcome calm.


The show runs from 12th August until Friday 22nd September. Check the website for opening times.