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It’s been a bit busy for senior students Kerry Lamprecht, Claire Webster and Cameron McGregor who have been working recently with Peter Flynn, principal teacher of art, at St John's High School in Dundee and Susie Clark of Bank Street Gallery, Kirriemuir.  They first discovered that their school was involved in showing its artwork at the gallery only ten days ago!  Claire said, "We heard there was a chance that we could do more than just contribute our work but there wasn't much time - it's been mad!"  Kerry agreed, "We've all been on study leave and have so much course work to do so it's understandable but I've loved the experience.  Claire and I have been in the same class for three years but we've never worked collaboratively.”  Cameron explained that although the art department had organised the show as long ago as last year, the opportunity was there to become involved in the final prep work – collating details of the contributors and working with Susie from the Gallery on press work.  “We’ve learned loads”, he laughed, “but it’s all been so manic, I’m not sure how much we’ll remember!”


Susie is delighted.  “The students I have met are so enthusiastic - and smart!  I feel that they really understood the ethos of the gallery and took to all that had to be done with vigour.  It’s not easy, but I hope we can follow through on what we’ve discussed so far as the show runs for six weeks.”


A showcase of work from all stages of the art curriculum from past and present students, the exhibition has already caught the attention of Forfar Sheriff, Kevin Veal.  The Gallery received a letter from him just hours before the opening, commending the venture and wishing those involved every success.


The exhibition runs from 14th March until Friday 25th April.  For opening times, check out the Gallery’s website.