Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
turnip prize

and the winner was . . . (well there were two in fact!)

John Harvey & Jonathan Mitchell . . .

. . . for their fabulous skill and hilarious productions!

Special thanks to Louise Peters - she had the impossible task of choosing a winner - and her company Johnston Carmichael, Chartered Accountants, for their sponsorship.

Mention must be made of last year's winner, Linda Pate, and Liz Wilson, whose whose pieces also drew particular commendation from Louise. 

Thank you to everyone who entered and visited - the show doesn't work without any of you.

It’s that time again already!   Your chance to have “a pop at the system” through the medium of art.  In a world where too few are prepared to declare the Emperor “naked”, now is the time to expose absurdity, highlight hypocrisy and release rancour.

For the second year, Bank Street Gallery invites you to submit your entry, which must be topical (2016!) and reveal your concerns about our increasingly Orwellian world.  Any medium will be acceptable but we would ask that you restrict size to a reasonable degree.

Entries must be delivered on Friday 27th January 2017 between 10.00am and 1.00pm.  There is no entry fee.  Details of our sponsors will go to press in the New Year.  The winner will receive a cash prize of £250 (unless the judges chose to split as they did this year!). In the meantime, please indicate as soon as possible whether you intend to enter and confirm whether your entry will be available for sale.

Fear not if you are feeling completely at one with the world.  Use your talent on behalf of another who may feel strongly but lacks your artistic skill!  The idea need not be yours but the entry must be!