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stewart william philips
stewart phillips

Stewart William Phillips

Stewart William Philips lives in Broughty Ferry.  He is within walking distance of evolving seascapes, sylvan cathedrals and a chronology of architecture that would confuse many a first year student!  Why's this significant?  Just consider his exhibition at Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir.

A quiet man, in company Phillips is a gentle contributor.  He receives more often than he transmits.  However, his calm is not a reflection of disinterest in the company.  Rather it seems a necessary component of his ability to drink in all forms of sensorial information around him.  He has an eye for detail that greater animation may distract him from.

Phillips graduated D.A. from Duncan of Jordanstone in the early 70s and therafter devoted his life to the development of others' talents.  Himself a Fifer, he taugh art and design at Glenrothes High School before taking early retirement.  Since then friends and family report that Stewart was able to "pick up his brush" again.  He himself disputes this, pointing to graphics as his principal medium both at art college and during his professional career.  Taking up a No. 4 sable, he says, was a novel experience - and one from which we now all benefit.

His one man show at Bank Steet Gallery comprises seascapes and landscapes.  His use of light adds an architectonic quality, sometimes enhanced by the inclusion of structural elements challenging scale and perspective.  An excellent technician, each topic is managed and coaxed into individual life.  Nuances of mood and detail are revealed on every consideration of his pieces.  The result is an experimental air about his work.

See for yourself at Bank Street Gallery from Saturday 22nd August.  Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 1pm to 4pm.  Closed Monday and Tuesday