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elizabeth shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd is a phenomenal artist living in Fife - the county of her birth.  She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art with a diploma in Drawing and Painting.  She was in fact a young and ultimately single mum.  The mother or six children, she must undoubtedly be something of a super-woman!

Unassuming and modest, the chaos which one assumes must have existed in her life - as any working mum will know - is completelly missed in her work.  She brings a delicate serenity to her subject matter.  There is a lightness of touch, a calm, an encouragement to come into this better place which she depicts.  Indeed, this gentility is reflected in her demeanour.  The oil on troubled waters, she is determined and gritty and yet conflict free!  The contentedness which oozes from her work is tangible as you walk with her in her garden, chatting to her hens and engaging with the world around her.  She provides you with fresh eyes.

Many of her fans will be acutely aware of her fabulous botanical prints.  Bank Street Gallery are lucky enough to exhibit some of her other media too, including water colours and pastels.  Her production rate is impressive and is underlined by her extensive exhibiting - RSA, SSA, VAS, RGI. RSW, Aberdeen Artists .........  Her work is exhibited and owned throughout Britian and across the world.

A gentle, charming, quiet lady, Liz Shepherd may not be herself instantly recognisable.  Once you have seen her work, however, she is never forgotten.