Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
peter flynn


Although an accomplished pedagogue, Flynn has not abandoned his own path.  Acutely aware of his surroundings whether at home or abroad, it is the tiniest moment or nuance which seems to capture his attention – and inspire him.


Generations of artists have been fascinated by the light and contrast of foreign cultures.  Flynn is no exception but his work enjoys an intense observation of both the magnitude – and minutiae – of humanity.  The detail of a symbolic stained glass eye in a Greek window – there to protect the family from evil – or the pot of holy basil placed at the door of restaurants, become his focus but without abandoning the larger perspective of location.  The effect is to produce a fabulous oeuvre which is both technically attractive and emotionally arresting.


Bank Street Gallery is proud to boast something of a history with Peter.  His gentle and accommodating approach underpinned by his sure, steady and unwavering pace served as an inspiration to pursue creative dreams – no matter how fanciful – or indeed madcap - they may seem at the outset.  The existence of the gallery – along with the product of many of his former pupils - is testament to his soft but profound influence.  His show is a wonderful summary of the emotions that form this remarkable man.


Peter’s show runs at Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir from Saturday 20th March, 2010 until  30th April, 2010.  Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 1pm-4pm.