Bank Street Gallery

Bank Street Gallery
kim cessford

Bank Street Gallery is proud to host an exhibition of Cessford’s work which perhaps reveals more of the man behind the lens, than those upon whom he focuses.  His eye sees colour, shape, beauty, the grotesque – deployed in all his quotidian work but rarely reflected upon in his journalistic oeuvre.

Cessford works intuitively.  Light and texture are honed to create evocative images.  Mood is captured peripherally, with an unassuming eye for detail.  But the exactitude is apparent on closer examination of every piece.  Whether the placing of a crease or the angle of light in his homage to Vermeer or the studied, aloof, closure of passers-by in his Roman street dance, Kim Cessford uses every element to build his images. 

Notwithstanding his own relaxed, enchanting and unhurried demeanour, Cessford’s final product reveals a mind hard at work, structurally analytical and people-watching always.  The results are forever etched upon your mind.

kim cessford’s one man show runs from thursday 17th march 2016 to friday 22nd april 2016. check out the gallery’s website for opening times